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Rigorous reporting on solutions

Solutions Journalism Network trains and connects journalists to cover what’s missing in today’s news: how people are responding to problems.


Brilliant solutions to the world’s Problems

This BBC World Service podcast features brilliant solutions to the world’s problems and investigates whether they work.


Hope and Optimism Research

The Hope and Optimism initiative was a $5 million, four-year grant at Notre Dame, Cornell, and the University of Pennsylvania. The project explored the theoretical, empirical, and practical dimensions of hope, optimism, and related stories.

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Discover the talent and energy solving tomorrow’s challenges

This crowd-sourced atlas features projects that are real and innovative, with long-term vision and committed to lasting positive impact.

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Develop leaders and Accelerate Ocean Solutions

Sustainable Ocean Alliance creates solutions to the ocean’s largest threats through its ocean leadership and solutions accelerator programs.


Global Ocean Data and trends for informed action and Decision-making

This open-access data portal aggregates ocean data and provides analysis on trends. Dive in and explore the latest statistics and trends on the global ocean.

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Empowering teens to take meme-ingful action for change. By teens for teens.

Follow these teen posts for the ocean on Instagram, Tumblr & Snapchat.

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Solutions measured and Modeled to Determine their carbon impact Through 2050

The solutions list provides an extensive array of impactful measures already in existence.